McDonald’s and Endesa X Way Collaborates to Set-up 150 EV Chargers by End of the Year in Spain

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Enel’s new Spanish division Endesa X Way and McDonald’s have reaffirmed their commitments to making it easier for people to switch to electric mobility. Since 2019, 156 chargers were installed in 60 restaurants. Another 80 chargers are still in process and waiting for administrative approval to go into operation. Endesa X Way and McDonald’s have set a goal to add 150 more chargers to this number, extending the project’s reach to 45 additional restaurants and 38 of the 50 Spanish provinces.

To offer the most efficient charging solution and adapt to the user’s average time in each location, nearly all chargers are fast (more that 43 kW) and ultra-fast (150kW and 350kW), and allow for 80% of the vehicle’s battery to be charged within 30 minutes or a few minutes.

Natalia Mota, Director for Purchasing, Quality and Sustainability, McDonald’s Spain, explains, “As part our commitment to sustainability, our alliance with Enel X way allows us to offer new experiences and services to our customers that are kind to nature. We are proud to have contributed to the electric mobility project.

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Elena Bernardez, Endsa X Way’s General Director, said “Thanks for agreements with large corporations like McDonald’s, I continue to bring electric mobility closer than ever to consumers, facilitating recharging their daily lives and adapting their needs.”

Endesa X Way by Enel is Enel’s new business line dedicated to electric mobility in Spain. It is the Iberian Division of Enel X Way. Enel X Way is a global leader for smart electric vehicle charging solutions with more than 320,000 charging points worldwide. Roaming agreements are also included.

The leading fast food giant McDonald’s has a strong commitment to local markets. More than 70% of McDonald’s purchase volume is from Spanish suppliers.

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