ZERO21 Launches Two New Electric Three-Wheelers In India

ZERO21 electric three-wheeler

ZERO21 Renewable Energy Solutions, a Hyderabad-based energy solution provider unveils its two new electric three-wheelers for cargo and passenger segment at Zahirabad facility, Telangana.

ZERO21 was founded by an ex-Tesla executive and it has launched Teer and Smart Mule-X models. The company also manufactures electric kits for electric vehicles to convert old diesel and petrol vehicles.

“The addition of Teer and Smart Mule-X would substantially widen our product portfolio, which consisted of our high-speed ReNEW conversion kit and low-speed category vehicles like Smart Mule cargo-passenger.”

“While most electric three-wheelers have been primarily low speed, we expect growth to pick up in the high-speed market and thereby these two products are crucial for us as we look forward to playing a crucial role in India’s transition to clean mobility,” Rani Srinivas, Founder and CEO of ZERO21, said in a statement.

Teer, the 48V passenger three-wheeler on a single charge can run up to 110 km with a top speed of 55 km/hour. Smart Mule-X, a 72V goods carrier on a single charge can run up to 125 km with a top speed of 55 km/hours and has a payload of 750 kg capacity.

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India has a huge demand for logistics transportation which is fulfilled by three-wheelers in various Indian cities. But there is a lack of innovation in this segment says Srinivas.

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