Kia Accelerates Electrified Mobility, Constructs First Electric PBV Plant in Korea


Kia Corporation is currently in the process of transforming into a sustainable mobility provider. It announced that it will create a new, high-tech smart manufacturing plant to produce electric Purpose Built Vehicles.

Kia’s Hwaseong factory site in Korea will house the intelligent new production center for PBVs. Construction will begin in the first half 2023 with commercial production expected in the second half 2025.

Initial production will be 100,000 PBVs per year. The plant can increase its production to 150,000 units annually as the market grows.

Ho Sung Song, President & CEO of Kia Corporation stated that “this dedicated PBV facility is one of the pillars in our Plan S strategy. Kia wants to be the leader in the global PBV marketplace. “We will first explore new markets using derivative PBV model, and then expand our global presence with dedicated PBV models with autonomous driving technologies.”

Kia was one of the first organizations to enter the PBV market. The brand has a Plan S roadmap that aims to be a PBV leader by 2030. PBVs, when combined with autonomous driving technology will offer a new way of transport that will enrich communities and society around the world.

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The new PBV plant will be equipped with state-of the-art automation and advanced technologies to reduce carbon emissions. To further reduce environmental impact, the site has clean painting and energy-saving equipment.

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