America’s SemaConnect LinksUp with Electric Vehicle Charging Association, CharIN


SemaConnect has recently announced its membership with the Charging Interface Initiative eV (CharIn). SeemaConect  is the largest privately owned electric vehicle charging company in North America. SemaConnect is a Regular Member and joins more than 250 top automakers, charging providers and grid operators around the world in an effort to promote interoperability through the Combined Charging System standard for direct current (DC) fast charging.

SemaConnect was established in 2008 and is a leader in electric vehicle charging solutions for the North American fleet, multifamily, commercial, and commercial markets. SemaConnect is known for its slim design, weatherproof hardware, interactive LED lights and open network. It offers 24 to 180 kW DC fast charging stations, as well as Level 2 and home charging stations. SemaConnect is a CharIN member and participates in a global effort for interoperability among automakers and charging companies.

Mark Pastrone is the chief operating officer of SemaConnect. He stated that “Interoperability, open standards and are at the core of SemaConnect.” CharIN and other organizations will help increase industry interoperability and cooperation as we expand our product range and develop new DC fast charger solutions. Through our new CharIN membership, we look forward to encouraging interoperability in electric vehicle charging segments and open standards.

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