Electric One Partners With Ipower Batteries To Establish EV Battery Replacement And Health Centers In India


Electric One, a superstore selling electric scooters, has partnered up with Ipower batteries in India to establish first-of-its-kind EV battery replacement and health centres. These centres will provide battery replacement and checking services.

The two companies have joined forces to establish 500 centers in India. These centers will be able to accommodate electric scooters made by companies such as Hero Electric, Okinawa and Battre, Ampere, Okaya, Kinetic Green, etc.

Extended warranties of up to three years will be offered by them. Under the supervision of the Electric One Technical Team, Ipower’s R&D plant and battery manufacturing in Kundli (Haryana) will host training and awareness programs regarding battery replacement and testing.

Mr Amit Das, Founder & CEO of Electric One, said, “The company has plans to invest more than 15 million USD to stabilise the growing market with future technology and virtual dealership modes boosting retail sales for its dealer partners. After streamlining sales efficiency and the supply chains with the right fit of quality batteries, customer satisfaction and after-sales support with complete peace of mind are the key areas to focus on.” 

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Mr Vikas Aggarwal, MD & Founder of Ipower Batteries, said, “As EV battery manufacturers, we feel the recent spate of EV vehicles catching fire has a lot to do with raising people’s awareness about the EV segment as a whole too. There are many aspects to EVs than just a vehicle and its battery. People using them need to be aware of on-ground realities for EVs to take off full-fledged in India. The country is warming up to the concept, and we as key players in the industry, need to also ensure a safe transition to EV.”

Electric One is a chain of electric scooter superstores. Electric One offers electric scooters from many companies, including Okinawa, Kinetic, SAR group, and more. They currently have over 100 stores in 15 states and plan to increase that number to 250.

IPower batteries, a Sonipat-based battery manufacturing and R&D firm is located in Haryana. The company’s Sonipat manufacturing unit in Haryana is spread across 50,000 sq. ft. The unit manufactures Li-Ion as well as Lead Acid batteries.

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