Enel X Expands Multi-Unit Residential EV Charging In Canada


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• Smart charging leader Enel X and agency partner Catalyst Sales and Marketing are expanding electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for multi-unit dwellings with Killam Apartment REIT, one of Canada’s largest multi-residential landlords.

• Residents increasingly view access to EV charging for apartments and condominiums as an expected amenity in Canada, where more than a third of residents live in multi-unit dwellings.

• Natural Resources Canada’s Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) provided an investment of over $730,000 to help install 438 chargers across 50 Killam properties.

Enel X, the advanced energy and decarbonization services arm of the Enel Group, today announced its entrance into the Canadian EV charging market through an agreement with Killam Apartment REIT, one of Canada’s largest multi-residential landlords. With the support of agency partner Catalyst Sales and Marketing, Enel X will install 438 JuiceBox Pro smart EV charging stations across Killam properties. The Enel X charging stations aligns with Killam’s long-term commitment to reduce carbon emissions to combat its impact on climate change.

Through this agreement, Killam and Enel X are taking a leading approach to address how EV charging infrastructure can be adopted at scale across multi-unit residential buildings. Enel X chargers will provide residents with the convenience to charge their EVs from home, a critical factor in driving mainstream adoption of EVs as more than 80% of EV charging takes place at home. Enel X will provide Killam with JuiceBox smart charging stations and JuiceNet IoT platform, which optimizes the energy consumption of the JuiceBox to align with grid conditions while meeting customer mobility requirements.

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“As demand for EVs grows in Canada, drivers must be able to charge conveniently and efficiently where they spend the most time — their homes,” said Giovanni Bertolino, Head of e-Mobility, Enel X North America“By providing residents with accessible smart charging, Killam is removing one of the largest barriers to EV adoption.”

The project between Enel X and Killam, is partially funded by Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP). Through the program, NRCan is supporting the adoption of Zero Emission Vehicles by increasing the availability of localized charging and hydrogen refuelling opportunities where Canadians live, work, and play.

Canada has set a mandatory target for all new light-duty cars and passenger trucks to be zero-emission by 2035. Additionally, according to Census data, more than a third of Canadians live in multi-unit dwellings. To meet Canada’s EV targets and growing consumer demand, real estate owners like Killam need to incorporate EV charging stations across their portfolios, particularly in urban areas where populations are growing and higher percentages of residents live in apartments.

“We’re making electric vehicles more affordable and accessible for Canadians from coast to coast to coast. Investing in more charging stations — like the ones announced today — will allow more Canadians to be in the driver’s seat on the road to a net-zero future and help achieve our climate goals.” – The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources.

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“By teaming up with Enel X and Catalyst, we are able to offer our residents easy access to cutting-edge EV charging technology while also helping to fulfill the demand for cleaner modes of transportation across the region,” said Andrew Kent, Developments Director, Killam Apartment REIT“As part of our ESG commitments, we invest in technology that will lower our carbon footprint while also providing value across our portfolio. By optimizing energy costs and bringing value to our residents, this is exactly what these Enel X smart chargers allow us to do.”

“Killam’s commitment to environmental sustainability, through their investment in EV infrastructure, solar installations, and sustainable practices, is commendable,” said Mark MacDonald, Principal, Catalyst Sales and Marketing“Enel X smart charging stations were the perfect match for scaling the EV infrastructure needed at Killam’s multi-family residences. I am proud to see this level of commitment coming from our region; it proves we can be leaders here.”

This announcement follows news from earlier this year that Nova Scotia, home to 33% of Killam’s multi-unit residential properties, is the fourth Canadian province to adopt an EV rebate program. The EV rebate program offers incentives for electric vehicle purchases, including passenger vehicles, electric bicycles, and used vehicles. The program demonstrates Nova Scotia’s commitment to driving equitable EV adoption by ensuring EV access to more Canadians, as part of the Government of Canada’s larger initiative for all new light-duty car and passenger truck sales to be zero-emission by 2035. Canadian businesses and residents can purchase Enel X smart charging stations, which qualify for utility and government incentives, online or on Amazon.ca.

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Enel, the parent group of Enel X, is committed to achieving net-zero by 2040, for both direct and indirect emissions. The company outlined clear objectives certified by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) around occupational health and safety, sustainable supply chain, increasingly integrated governance structure, and environmental management based on reducing emissions and consumption while also promoting biodiversity.

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