REVOS Launches BOLT Charging Points At A Price Of ₹1

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REVOS, which is Union Square Ventures-backed has launched BOLT charging points. These can be bought and installed by anyone in their shops, garages, commercial parking spaces etc.

The BOLT charging points are compatible with any portable charger and work with the existing AC power supply at home and in establishments. A one-time cost of ₹3,000 has to be paid for buying these charging points and can be opened up for public use for a charging cost decided by the owner. From October 29 the company is offering BOLT charging points to buyers at a launch price of ₹1 till December end.

These BOLT charging units come with an energy calculator to monitor power consumption and payments can be made by the customer by scanning the QR code placed next to the charging point. As of now, the company is not charging any other costs from the customers other than the initial cost of setting the charger.

The co-founder of REVOS, Jyotiranjan Harichandan told BusinessLine – “Theoretically, our charging points can fully charge any electric vehicle within one hour, it is just that vehicles don’t have the capacity to charge at that rate. We have some OEMs working with us who are able to fully charge their EVs in less than 30 minutes but there are also other EVs that take 3-4 hours to get charged. It depends on the EV’s battery technology and portable charger that the OEMs bundle with the bike.”

Mohit Yadav, cofounder of, REVOS said –  “A robust and pervasive charging infrastructure is key for rapid adoption of EVs in India. The PCO box revolutionized the telecom industry by making it available to the masses. BOLT is aiming to do the same for the EV industry by being ubiquitous; just like the yellow phone box, we envisage the green BOLT charging points in every nook and corner of the country.” 

The company has installed about 2,000 charging points across 60 cities in India with an installed capacity of over 3,600 KW during the pre-launch phase. REVOS BOLT mobile app can be used for locating the charging points. 

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