Masterflux, A Tecumseh Brand, Unveiled Battery Thermal Management System With Direct-DC Compressor For Electrified Vehicles


Masterflux, a Tecumseh brand that designs and manufactures direct-DC e-
compressors, introduced Masterflux eBTMS, an electric Battery Thermal Management System platform for electrified vehicle applications.

Masterflux, a Tecumseh brand and one of the original developers of DC-powered, variable capacity cooling compressors, introduced their “Masterflux eBTMS (electric Battery Thermal Management System)” platform for electrified vehicle (EV) applications at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in MI, USA, on September 14th, 2021.  Masterflux eBTMS is a compact, light, highly efficient platform optimized for increasing needs of cooling in EVs so batteries and other components operate efficiently and are protected from overheating. 

The Masterflux brand was started in 2004 by Tecumseh Products Company, a nearly 90 year old inventor of hermetic refrigeration compressors. Doug Murdock, the CEO of Tecumseh, said, “we have applied our extensive refrigeration and cooling expertise to develop innovative Masterflux technology. We have also developed Masterflux as a differentiated and distinguished electric compressor line from Tecumseh’s widely-known  refrigeration compressors.”

In contrast to Tecumseh’s reciprocating compressors that are powered by alternate current and mainly used in stationary applications such as food retail and foodservice equipment, Masterflux compressors are hermetically sealed, variable speed rotary compressors powered by direct current. Compared to reciprocating compressors, Masterflux rotary compressors are more immune to mechanical shock and vibration. In addition, Masterflux compressors provide high capacity in a smaller and lighter package. As a result, Masterflux compressors are specifically intended for mobile applications.

Murdock said, “for over a decade, Masterflux compressors have been used by global OEMs in automotive, defense, medical, and a number of emerging mobile cooling applications. We are very excited to expand our offerings into BTMS solutions in the rapidly growing EV market.”

Robert Terry, the General Manager of Masterflux brand, said “Expanding our own compressor technology and experience into our new BTMS systems, will result in high performance BTMS and a lot of value to the customers.”

Terry also said, “direct DC compressors eliminate the need to convert DC power to the AC power that is required to operate traditional compressors. This reduces the complexity of the power electronics, improves COP, and reduces size and weight when compared to using traditional inverter/compressor technology.”

Masterflux eBTMS initially comes in three capacity ranges which cover most EVs from small 3-wheel passenger vehicles to long-haul trucks and mass-transit busses. Air-cooled and liquid-cooled configurations up to 350W cooling capacity are available for small vehicle applications, and liquid-cooled configuration up to 7kW cooling capacity will ensure efficient temperature control of batteries of larger vehicles. Equipped with Masterflux direct-DC compressor, high voltage connectors, simple coolant connections, Masterflux eBTMS is ready to optimize the thermal condition of EV batteries with precise temperature control.

Contact your local Tecumseh Masterflux sales representatives for technical specifications, CAD model, and sample requests.

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About Masterflux and Tecumseh Products Company LLC

Masterflux is a Tecumseh’s DC-powered variable speed compressor solution brand. Founded in 1934, Tecumseh Products Company LLC is a leading global manufacturer of hermetic reciprocating, rotary and scroll compressors ranging in capacity from 1/15th to 30 horsepower, as well as offering a complete line of condensing units and systems for use in residential and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Tecumseh products are manufactured on four continents and sold globally through a network of sales professionals, authorized wholesalers and licensed distributors offering brand names that include: AE®, AE2®, AW®, Celseon®, L’Unite Hermetique®, Masterflux®, Silensys®, and Wintsys®. Tecumseh Products Company LLC is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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