Bihar Government Commissions 12 Electric Low-floor Buses For The State

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The Bihar government has taken a step in a bid to maintain an eco-friendly environment and commissioned 12 electric low-floor buses in the state.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar flagged off these buses. In addition, 70 more luxury and semi-luxury buses were also rolled out over the roads of Bihar.

Mr. Nitish Kumar said – “We are already using electric cars in Patna which have great features. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly as well as possesses zero carbon emissions. Hence, we have decided in the cabinet meeting to introduce electric buses for common man as well so we are rolling out 12 new electric buses.” 

Two buses would run between Patna to Rajgir and Patna to Muzaffarpur. Besides, eight buses would be operating on different routes of Patna.

“The idea is to connect every district of Bihar with Patna through these buses. Hence, we have decided to buy new buses as well after its success,” Kumar added.

70 other buses are scheduled to travel between all 38 districts in the state.

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