Veo E-Scooters Resume Operations in Providence

Tritium and EvGateway have partnered on a new project in a popular retail center in Orange County’s Buena Park.

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Micromobility’s innovation leader, Veo, formerly known as VeoRide, is pleased to announce its industry leading shared e-scooters will be returning to the streets of Providence beginning Friday, June 26th.

Veo’s service had been suspended since Mar 13th at the request of local leaders. However, thanks to the swift efforts of the state of Rhode Island and the City of Providence to flatten the curve and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19, conditions are now such that the popular scooters can be reintroduced.

“This week, we are thrilled to announce that Veo e-scooters will be up-and-running, offering Providence residents and visitors a safe and affordable alternative mode of transportation,” said Matt Briggs, Regional General Manager, Veo.

The company will be resuming operations with a limited fleet of 100 scooters beginning Friday, June 26th and adding additional numbers to the streets daily. The full fleet of 300 scooters will be available before the 4th of July weekend. The fleet will function normally, available across town from 5 AM to 10 PM daily.

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The only significant change will be the strict sanitation protocols being followed by Veo in Providence to protect its riders and workers. Veo’s e-scooters in Providence will be wiped down daily on all touchable surfaces with virus killing disinfectants, and employees are required to wear gloves and masks. Riders are also encouraged to do their own individual wipe-downs on the vehicles and wash their hands before and after usage.

“We have heard from many Providence residents that they are relieved to have Veo’s e-scooters available to them again because they feel safer using solitary methods of transport  where they don’t have to sit close to people as they do on buses, or in other vehicles like ride shares or taxis,” Briggs said.

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