Unveiling of “easy charge” for the premium e-scooter Metz moover


German high-tech at its best – Metz takes pole position again in the escooter field with the presentation of the world’s first inductive charging technology for the Metz moover: just park your e-scooter on the charging platform and walk away. The charging process istaken care of automatically, no plugging in required. With this step, Metz is continuing its tradition of driving technology development for electric mobility.

The easy charge solution is provided by German inductive charging specialist INTIS, a company known for driving inductive charging innovation. The vehicle’s battery is charged in the same time as and with equivalent efficiency to conventional methods. In addition, easy charge uses intelligent control to protect the battery and increase e-scooter longevity.Metz and INTIS are cooperating to offer the easy charge inductive solution for all e-scooter makes and models. The single scooter easy charge 1, triple scooter easy charge 3 and easy charge 5, for charging of up to five e-scooters simultaneously, can be pre-ordered today!

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This innovative technology can be tailored to customer requirements and applications, including for B2B. Contact us to discuss configuration possibilities.

Advantages of easy charge:
 User-friendly, automatic, easy charging
 Charge up to five e-scooters simultaneously
 Intelligent charging protects the e-scooter’s battery
 Easy installation – just plug into any standard home socket, worldwide
 Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
 App to monitor state of charging, utilisation and much more

Empty e-scooter batteries are a thing of the past! Charging is handled entirely by the charging solution leaving the driver to concentrate on more important things. An integrated condition monitoring system allows the operator to maintain an overview of state of charge, e-scooter utilisation and service information. Both Metz moover models currently available on the market can be retrofitted with easy charge technology. This high-tech system is made in Germany and can be adapted to customer requirements for a multitude of electric mobility applications. Integration of easy charge with a storage battery and solar PV is also in development. In the future, scooters will be able to charge independently of the grid, whether its in the middle of a national park or a blackout.

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Easy charge provides value added to a multitude of different applications where reliable recharging of the e-scooter’s battery is a must, such as public charging at bus stops, stations or town centres. The system can be equally easily installed in hotel foyers, car parks or garages.

Inductive charging also enables new business models, for example for fleet applications, e-bike sharing and cargo e-bikes.Information about pricing and delivery of easy charge will be announced shortly.

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