Infineon is shaping the future of mobility with microelectronics enabling clean, safe and smart cars. Mr Vinay Shenoy, Managing Director, Infineon Technologies India

In Conversation With Mr Vinay Shenoy, Managing Director, Infineon Technologies India

Mr Vinay Shenoy gives a brief insight of Infineon growth plans, product and services offered and technological advancements.

Infineon offers EV components and solutions, kindly brief our readers on the products and services offered by Infineon?

Backed by over 40 years of proven expertise, Infineon is shaping the future of mobility with microelectronics enabling clean, safe and smart cars. Our comprehensive product palette address key challenges faced by the automotive industry, enabling cleaner combustion engines and electrified drivetrain to meet emission regulations; as well as occupant and pedestrian protection to reduce car related fatalities. Today our sensors, microcontrollers and power semiconductors help car manufacturers worldwide achieve their higher targets for safety, affordability and efficiency. 

We are the ideal partner to minimize power losses, maximize power savings and boost overall performance of HEVs and EVs. With extensive industrial and automotive experience to draw on and broad product portfolio of highly efficient electric powertrain components on offer, customers can rely on our full-spectrum technical support ensures the success of their designs. We are in fact co-developing drivetrains of the future with many of our customers.

What do you believe is the USP of your product line? What are the best practices adopted by you?  

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Customers choose Infineon because we stand for highest levels of quality, reliability and technological leadership. This year, Infineon was once again honored by many leading manufacturers in the automotive industry. Japan’s largest automobile manufacturer Toyota recognized Infineon once again with an award for what is now five years of defect-free deliveries to its plant in Hirose (Japan). 

Infineon is a partner in the Volkswagen group’s strategic supplier network FAST (Future Automotive Supply Tracks) program. Our power modules control the electric drives in Volkswagen’s electro-mobility platform MEB, the industry’s largest platform for pure electric vehicles. Infineon and Volkswagen co develop future semiconductor requirements and innovations amongst others to increase driving range reduce charging times of electric cars.

In India, besides 4 wheelers, we deliver EV solutions to 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers and various proof of concepts, enabling shorter R&D cycle time. We hand-hold our customers during critical phases of their development and during critical qualification and certification efforts such as EMI (Electromagnetic interference) and field tests. 

What are your growth plans for the Indian market? 

In India, we are involved in sales, application support, software development and design services for OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers. We continue to engage with our customers to develop key features conforming to Indian regulations and meeting demanding consumers. Despite the current downward trend in the automotive industry, we believe that the Indian market is robust and continue to grow in double digits. We are keenly observing the trend toward EV and prepared with all required support for growth of this segment.

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We are geographically well distributed and present in close proximity to our customers, hence available at short notice to serve our customers.

What technological breakthroughs can we expect from your company in the coming years?  

Vehicle manufacturers are expanding their product ranges to include more vehicle models such as mild hybrid (MHEV), full or plugin hybrid (FHEV/PHEV) and battery powered (BEV). Semiconductor content varies by the degree of electrification and the increment ranges from 27 to 85 percent.  While a car with a conventional combustion engine has around US$400 of semiconductor content, an electric vehicle can be as much as US$740. Power semiconductors make up approximately three quarters of the additional semiconductor content per vehicle. As a global leader in power semiconductors, we will continue to develop products with new materials such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride for further improvements in efficiency and power density in automotive power electronics.

In addition, the next level of automated driving and driver assistance systems continue to drive sensor requirements in the next five years and beyond.  In particular, automatic emergency brake, forward collision warning and parking assist will raise demand for better performing and reliable radar and camera sensors and microcontrollers. 

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Please elaborate on Infineon R&D operations in India?

Bangalore is home to one of the largest R&D centers within Infineon worldwide, developing global products & solutions for automotive, security and IoT applications.

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