Servotech and IIT Roorkee Join Forces to Innovate CCS2 Charger Rectifier Units and Onboard Chargers for Electric Vehicles


In a significant stride towards strengthening India’s electric vehicle (EV) industry, Servotech Power Systems Ltd. (SPSL), a leading EV charger manufacturer, has forged crucial partnerships with the esteemed institution, IIT Roorkee. The collaboration aims to develop cutting-edge rectifier units for CCS2 chargers and onboard EV chargers tailored for two, three, and four-wheelers.

The collaboration between SPSL and IIT Roorkee is set to revolutionize the EV landscape in India. SPSL, known for its expertise in EV chargers, has inked two Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with IIT Roorkee. The focus of these agreements lies in the development of state-of-the-art rectifier units for CCS2 chargers, a vital component currently imported, and compact onboard chargers for various types of vehicles.

The rectifier units, integral to CCS2 chargers, are currently imported, and this collaboration marks a crucial step in boosting domestic manufacturing capabilities. By eliminating the need for separate chargers, the onboard chargers designed for two, three, and four-wheelers enhance the user experience significantly, making electric vehicles more convenient and user-friendly.

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Raman Bhatia, Managing Director of Servotech Power Systems, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The collaboration propels SPSL into the forefront of the Indian EV market. With our indigenous onboard chargers, we are dedicated to promoting the ‘Make in India’ initiative and fostering the adoption of sustainable technologies in the EV ecosystem. Partnering with IIT Roorkee further solidifies our mission to make India self-reliant and establish Servotech as a global leader in the EV industry.”

Professor Mukesh Pathak, Principal Investigator in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Roorkee, highlighted the significance of the partnership, saying, “Our collaboration with SPSL signifies our commitment to pioneering innovative solutions in the Indian EV industry. The EV charging technology developed through this partnership will play a pivotal role in accelerating EV adoption and reshaping transportation and energy consumption paradigms in India.”

This collaboration not only represents a major leap for indigenous EV technology but also underlines the collective efforts toward sustainable transportation solutions in the country. With the expertise of SPSL and the academic prowess of IIT Roorkee, this partnership promises groundbreaking developments in the rapidly evolving EV sector.

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