ARENQ Partners with RDL Technologies to Develop IoT Devices for Battery Monitoring

ARENQ collaborates with RDL Technologies

ARENQ, India’s fast-growing manufacturer and distributor of storage batteries, has forged a five-year partnership with RDL Technologies, a renowned manufacturer of IoT products and software solutions. As a part of the association, RDL Technologies will be responsible for developing the IoT devices that will upload data from the Battery Management System (BMS) to the cloud.

Through this collaboration, RDL Technologies will develop touchscreen displays, data loggers, vehicle navigation, and monitoring systems for ARENQ. The IoT devices will allow ARENQ to remotely monitor and navigate the motor, controller, and battery while also providing customers with customised reports on the battery’s performance. Customers will be able to access the system from anywhere in the world where the internet is available, and customized reports can be downloaded to monitor performance.

Any development expenses incurred will be covered by ARENQ on a case-by-case basis. The anticipated production rate for automotive clusters, touchscreen displays, and bulk testing equipment for batteries is 25000 pieces annually. This partnership will benefit both parties by promoting innovation, providing effective services and products, encouraging growth, and facilitating knowledge exchange.

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Speaking on the brand collaboration, V G Anil, CEO, ARENQ by SUNLIT POWER, said, ” This partnership will enable us to enhance the battery performance and provide customers with the best-in-class battery monitoring solutions. With RDL Technologies’ expertise in developing touchscreen displays and monitoring systems, we are confident that this association will take the EV battery market to new heights.”

Raghavendra G Shetty, CEO & Co-Founder, RDL Technologies said, “We are delighted to partner with ARENQ to develop IOT devices for battery monitoring. Our touchscreen displays and monitoring systems will help ARENQ to remotely monitor the battery’s performance, providing customers with customised reports. Our collaboration will pave the way for innovation and growth in the EV battery market.”

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