Dispatch Is Trying To Transform The Indian Logistics Industry With Its Unique Purpose-Built Solutions – Rajit Arya, Co-founder & CEO Of Dispatch Vehicles

A file photo of Dispatch's first purpose-built electric two-wheeler

Electric vehicles are making positive strides in the country. With more and more people warming up to the idea, the government is also giving the segment the attention it needs for easy adoption. India as a country has set goals to convert its entire vehicular fleet to EVs
by 2030.

Interestingly, many countries in the world have witnessed that the first leg of the adoption of electric vehicles is driven by four-wheelers but in India, the trend is completely opposite. The Indian EV adoption is being fueled by electric 2-wheelers and this could be owed to the growing demand in the logistics sector. The Delhi government also recently passed the aggregator policy instructing all cab companies, food delivery services, and e-commerce entities to switch to all-electric fleets by April 1, 2030, to avoid penalties.

It is established and known that EVs are the future of mobility owing to the monetary benefits, conservation of the environment, and growing interest by the Indian Government. But not all electric two-wheelers are meant for the same purpose. Essentially the e-scooters
made in the present age are only designed for personal mobility and that is something that Dispatch realized when researching and developing a next-gen vehicular solution and this led to the inception of “purpose-built e-scooters.”

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Personal mobility products are acting like a stop-gap solution but they are also riddled with challenges like frequent breakdowns leading to downtime and inefficiencies when used for commercial applications which are making fleets, mostly gig-workers, hesitant to transition.

Attempting to address the gap in the segment, Rajit Arya and Navneeth Kannan started by building a prototype of an e-vehicle that can transition between personal and commercial mobility with zero hassles. The idea behind the inception of Dispatch is aimed at building an
e-scooter that is tougher, more reliable, ergonomic, connected, and adaptable for better unit economics and higher profitability.

Dispatch has filed various IP registrations globally which have been granted in 32+ countries. It is leveraging the experience of its team and their understanding of the ecosystem to build not just a vehicle but a solution to the prevalent problem. The company is set to start its production of scooters from H1, 2023.

Talking about Dispatch, Rajit Arya, Co-founder & CEO, shared, ”Currently, our business model focuses on serving fleets and gig-economy workers. Our products are not commercial scooters, they are multi-use scooters. They can handle everything thrown at them for work and can also be used for personal mobility post-work hours.”

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Dispatch is trying to transform the Indian logistics industry, with its unique purpose-built solutions, the company is delivering vehicles that will play a pivotal role in building, supporting, and redefining the segment.

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