All Electric Mini Cooper SE Convertible is Set to Launch in an Annual Community Event in USA


MINI presents the all-electric MINI Cooper SE convertible right on time for summer. This is not a production model, but a rare example that shows how an all-electric premium brand can continue to electrify sporty open-air driving. The MINI Cooper SE Convertible, an open-four-seater convertible, is the only one in the world to have a fully electric drivetrain. This British premium brand blends classic sportiness with maximum open-top driving pleasure and locally emission-free electrical mobility.

This one-off model will first be presented to the public at the annual community event “MINI Takes the States”, in the USA. The winding roads between Burlington in Vermont and Greenville-Spartanburg in South Carolina are perfect for giving the assembled MINI community a first impression of the typical MINI go-kart feeling in the outfit of a MINI Cooper SE Convertible.

This unique specimen was based on the MINI Cooper S Convertible’s body. The electrified MINI Convertible shares dimensions of 3,863mm in length, 2,495mm in wheelbase, 1,727mm width and 2,495mm height. The luggage compartment’s load volume remains the same at 160 l.

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The BMW Group’s electric mobility competence centers in Landshut and Dingolfing provide the drive technology. The MINI Cooper SE Convertible has the same drive components that the three-door MINI Cooper SE. Due to the small electric motor, the axle load distribution is extremely harmonious. This allows for agile and easy handling. The top can be lowered in the future.

Like the MINI Cooper SE’s 135 kW/184 HP electric motor, it transfers the agility and go-kart feel to electric mobility. It allows acceleration from a stop to 100 km/h in just 7.7 seconds. Open-air trips in urban areas and beyond are possible with a range of 230 kilometres, as determined by the WLTP test cycle. MINI Cooper SE Convertible is a combination of open-top driving fun and clever functionality. The soft top is fully electric and can be opened or closed in just 18 seconds. The soft top can be activated at the touch of a button when you drive up to 30 km/h. It has three settings: open, close, or as a sunroof.

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MINI appeals to its ever-growing fan base with this special edition. It also electrifies the global vehicle market by adding another segment. This is sustainable, transparently, and easily understood. The MINI Cooper SE model is a shining example of how the MINI brand has successfully transitioned to electric mobility. The MINI Cooper SE model was the brand’s pulse generator in 2021, with a growth rate of +132%. Nearly every third MINI in Germany, which is the biggest market for the MINI Cooper SE has been electrified. MINI makes it easy and convenient to charge your car every day, making electrified driving more sustainable. MINI Charging offers MINI drivers in Germany flexible charging options for both home and work. It also gives them access to the largest European public charging network, which includes more than 250,000 charging stations.

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