We See An Increased Demand For EVs From The Corporates And Even Those Who Have Not Adopted EVs Earlier: Gaurav Trivedi, Chief Business Officer, EEE- Taxi

Gaurav Trivedi - Chief Business Officer, EEE- Taxi

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EMobility+ got a chance to interview Gaurav Trivedi – Chief Business Officer, EEE- Taxi, and gained some insights into the company’s key business developments, vehicle technology, and further expansion plans.

How is the business progressing at EEE Taxi this year? What have been some key developments?

Business is looking very bright and we are already seeing very steady growth. This growth is both in terms of trips and revenue. One major key development is that we see an increased demand for EVs from corporates and even those who have not adopted EVs earlier.

What are some digital features and technologies incorporated into your vehicles to ensure safety?

Safety is the core of eeeTaxi operations. All the cabs are fitted with Panic Button. Other than that the drive and the passenger app also have a soft panic button for any emergency situation. The Central Command Centre is tracking all cabs 24×7 and the driver and the passenger can communicate with the command center teams for any issue including those pertaining to safety.

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How do you view the e-fleet adoption in India at present? Are there any untapped opportunities?

The corporate fleet adoption of EV fleet adoption is at an all-time high and the trend will continue as most the corporates have sustainability goals towards going carbon neutral. EV cabs are one of the fastest ways of achieving it.

Untapped opportunities- The untapped opportunity is huge as the present times are those of transition to EVs. So any corporate which has not adopted EV is potentially an opportunity.

What are your plans for growth and expanding further to other states?

We are presently operating in Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. We have plans to expand both in new states and expand our cars in the existing cities/states of operations.

How do you see the electric fleet industry shaping up in the next couple of years?

The next couple of years will be witnessing migration to Electric transport. While this also needs more charging infrastructure to support the fleet side which is also happening and the EV ecosystem is evolving. More organizations both Government and private will be scaling up the EV adoption efforts.

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