Atumobile Gets ARAI Approval For Its High-Speed Electric Cafe Racer AtumVader

AtumVader is India’s first high-speed electric cafe racer, designed, produced, and manufactured in India

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Atumobile, a Hyderabad-based indigenous Make in India sustainable electric vehicle manufacturing start-up, announced today that its latest electric bike, the AtumVader, has passed the ARAI certification and will soon hit the roads this year. This new cafe racer model has a 2.4 kWh battery pack, a tougher tubular chassis, an LED indicator, and an LED tail lamp.

India sustainable vehicle manufacturing start-up. Today, Atumobile announced that its latest electric bike the AtumVader has been certified by ARAI and will soon be on the roads. The new cafe racer model features a 2.4-kWh battery pack, a tougher tube chassis, an LED indicator, an LED tail lamp, and an LED indicator.

Mr Vamsi G Krishna, MD of Atumobile, stated during the announcement, “Indian EV sector is experiencing an electrifying revolution. With the increasing demand for sustainable living and durable vehicles, we always keep our customers’ safety and cost-effective pricing in mind. While keeping the electric bike’s safety features in mind, AtumVader has specially curated safety switches and high-end tires for off-road use as well. We were able to design the latest version suitable for Indian roads with the assistance of our R&D experts and indigenous solar-powered zero-emission facilities. Given the stressful nature of traffic in India, AtumVader will be a breeze to ride on. We have already received positive feedback following the distribution of the first low-speed version, Atum 1.0, to over 1000 customers. With this latest version called AtumVader, we hope to see a growth trajectory in our EV business.”

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Atumobile pledges to concentrate on an overall viable electric vehicle infrastructure that allows service on wheels. This makes it easy to service your electric bike. The company won the Best of India Biz award. Award from Mr Subhash Deai, Cabinet Minister for Industries, Maharashtra.

AtumVader’s unique features make it attractive to Indian riders, including its hub motor that packs a 2.4kWh battery that can go up to 100km on one charge, its 65 kmph top speed and the fact it is gearless, i.e. it doesn’t require a clutch or leg brake. To accelerate, a rider can use their hands. AtumVader’s 90% indigenously sourced components are another notable feature. This product is marketed by the brand as “the solution to automatic transmission on motorbikes”.

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