SemaConnect Sets Up Over 15,000 EV Charging Stations In 2021


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SemaConnect, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging services to the North American commercial, residential, and fleet market, celebrates a record year in installations, product launches. With increased public interest in electric vehicles, SemaConnect is providing solutions according to industry needs. 

With a decade of proven service and innovation, SemaConnect has focused on expansion in 2021. This year, SemaConnect passed an important sales milestone: 15,000 charging stations in North America and 150,000 users accessing the SemaConnect Network platform.

Outside of North America, SemaConnect also opened a new sales office in Bangalore, India. In addition to the Series 5 Personal, Series 6 Commercial, and Series 7 Fleet EV charging stations, SemaConnect also introduced four new products: the Series 4 Home, Series 7 Plus High-Powered Fleet, Series 8 Retail, and a DC Fast Charging offering.

The company had nearly 100,000 charging sessions per month and around 11,463,900 kWh was delivered per year helping to reduce CO2 output by over 84,180 tons.

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SemaConnect expanded its product line from three to six Level 2 charging station models and it doubled company size and won Comparably’s Best Company Compensation 2021.

“2021 has been a record year, and we’re still just getting started,” said Mahi Reddy, founder, and CEO at SemaConnect. “We’re committed to providing the best service to our customers and drivers. We look forward to continued growth and innovation this year.”

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