CESL To Procure 300 Electric Cars From Tata Motors

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Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) wholly owned subsidiary Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL) recently placed a Letter of Award in favor of Tata Motors for the procurement of 300 electric cars with 3-year warranty. It includes procurement of 300 four-wheeler electric cars (whose length is less than 4 meters) and range equal to or more than 250 km. This award is a part of the Scaling up Demand Side Energy Efficiency Sector Project financed by the Asian Development Bank line of credit to CESL.

CESL and Tata Motors will deploy these vehicles to the government entities who are looking to change over to electric vehicles. The total cost of the tender is approximately INR 44 crore. This tender will be implemented in two parts. In the first part, 300 cars with 3 years warranty (4 wheelers with less than 4M length and range equal to or more than 250 km) will be procured at a base price of INR 14,33,000 per unit, exclusive of GST.

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The second part will have inland transportation, with loading, unloading, transfer to designated location, transit insurance, and other costs incidental to the delivery of vehicles. This will be done at a cost of INR 21,000 per unit.

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