QpiVolta Launches India’s First Indigenously Built High Energy Density Solid-State Battery Cell

A file photo of QpiVolta launches India's first high-energy density lithium-based solid-state battery

QpiVolta (a subsidiary of Qpi Technology) launches India’s first lithium-based solid-state battery (SSB), with high energy density. This accomplishment comes after the company announced in 2021 that it would use quantum and AI material simulations to create SSBs with superior energy density and safety.

QpiVolta achieved an impressive energy density at 360 Wh/kg for their NMC-based cell and 220 Wh/kg for the cobalt-free LFP cell. This is a substantial increase of 60% over the current li-ion cell options. The company intends to increase this energy density further by optimizing its cells.

QpiVolta has completed the prototype pouch cell for the Lithium-metal SSB. This is the first step towards its plan to build a 10 Gwh Giga plant for 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler production capacities, as well as energy storage. This success will be replicated with other chemistries such as Sodium metal-based SSBs.

The market for electric vehicles is ready to adopt SSBs. As the company stabilizes and increases the number of layers, from the 8-layer prototype that has a capacity of 3 Ah to 32 layers with 100 Ah, the company will be able to increase the battery cell’s capacity. QpiVolta welcomes the testing of this battery pack and its battery cells.

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QpiVolta has made a breakthrough using quantum algorithms and AI optimization techniques. QpiVolta has made significant progress in the EV/energy storage market with the development of Lithium-based SSB pouch cells.

QpiVolta’s solid electrolytes are not only impressive in performance but also compatible with existing mass production lines. This requires very little modification. This compatibility is important to ensure that cells can be manufactured on a large scale at a low cost.

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