Hero Electric With NP Technology and Financial Advisor To Boost EV Adoption For Gig Workers


Hero Electric, India’s oldest and most renowned electric two-wheeler manufacturer, has partnered with NP Technology and Financial Advisor to bring electric vehicles to platform-based fleet operators.

This partnership will accelerate the addition of gig workers to green mobility platforms for personal as well as freight movement for last-mile delivery segments. Hero and NP Technology will provide training, financial assistance, onboard riders, and support gig workers who operate with Swiggy, Uber, and Zomato, among others.

Sohinder Gill (CEO, of Hero Electric) stated that Hero Electric is committed to providing affordable, efficient, and sustainable electric mobility solutions in India, to help achieve the Net Zero Vision. Hero Electric has formed partnerships to promote clean fuel technology and electrify last-mile delivery segments. This is in line with this vision. Our partnership with NP Technology and Financial Advisor is a way to spread the message and promote clean mobility for B2B fleet administration and help transform the logistics landscape in India.

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Pankaj Sharma (Partner, NP Technology and Financial Advisor) stated that “Through our strategic partnership in skill development – Skillomatics and Logistics Skill Council – we will offer gig workers the best environment for gig business options which are easy to acquire and do so through a wide range of partnerships.”

Platform-based gig workers are expected to rise to 2.35 crore by 2030. This will make it possible for one lakh two-wheeler drivers to eliminate carbon emissions in the last mile. NP Technology and Financial Advisor will also be taking up projects to improve rural livelihoods and create opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Hero strives to provide the best possible experience for its stakeholders by building relationships and partnering with diverse start-ups and companies in order to electrify India. Hero Electric has committed to transforming its B2B business by 65% and working towards emission-free mobility.

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