Tata Power To Install 1,500 EV Charging Stations Across Maharashtra


Tata Power announced that it will be installing EV charging infrastructure in Maharashtra. This is through a deal with highways, and expressways that are linking Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Nashik and other locations.

A senior official stated that the energy agency had planned to set up at least 1,500 stations with up to 80% on major highways. This is in addition to the MSEDCL, the state’s energy utility agency, which has been expediting the establishment of 2,375 charging stations across the state.

“The charging stations for Tata Power are located at petrol pumps, food courts/malls and other places along the route you take to get from one place to another. This allows you to charge your vehicle quickly and gets you more range. The official stated that it will eliminate the anxiety of EV users about the range (km per charge) as they fear that their vehicle might run out of fuel after a certain distance. He mentioned that the long routes include Mumbai-Pune, Mumbai-Goa, Mumbai-Nashik highways, and roads to Mahabaleshwar, Shirdi.

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Nilesh Kane, chief of Tata Power distribution Mumbai Operations, stated that “We want all Maharashtra highways covered where an EV charger is placed at strategic locations on both sides of the highways to assist consumers.” We continue to monitor charger usage in every district and plan for the installation of chargers.

Tata Power installed EV charging stations along the Pune-Goa freeway, Mumbai-Pune Expressway and other roads. These stations will be likely to be upgraded. You can locate a Tata Power charging point via its mobile app, Tata Power EZ Charge. An official stated that the charging station has basic functions such as locating, navigating and booking, charging, and payment. However, it also offers advanced features like route planning, specific rate plans, and route planning.

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