BMW EV Debut: 3 In Next 6 Months and 25 by 2025


Hydrogen rush opens unpaved avenues for global sustainable energy trade. Following in the footsteps of peers Mercedes-Benz and Audi, Munich-based BMW is planning a major breakthrough into electric mobility in India. The business intends to release its 100% electric versatile model iX next month, followed by the Mini Electric and i4 in less than six months.

The auto giant has already committed the release of 25 electric car models by 2025, which is then advanced to 2023. Pawah added that, they are extending that to India now, in keeping with his pledge to bring any electric models that become available to India.

The firm stated that the launches demonstrate its commitment to electric mobility, but emphasized that it would like the government to lower import taxes, which are currently more than 100%, for such cars in order for them to achieve market acceptance and momentum. 

He also stated that the government might explore either providing a limited time reduction of 2-3 years of reduced import charges on EVs or imposing a quota on the quantity of EVs that can be imported at a cheaper duty.

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For the time being, all of these will be imported into the nation because there aren’t enough quantities or the capability to localize their production. Pawah further added that, there are a lot of are several unresolved questions about infrastructure, demand creation, and taxation, 

Along with his demand of subsidized rates of import duty, he appeals government for fastening the adoption of green technologies in India, which will escalate EVs demand in the country and ultimately helps them to reach the threshold demand point to localize EV production.

“Even if the government doesn’t do it, our plans will not change but of course the progression will be slower,” Pawah said.

The iX, the company’s emerging technology flagship, uses 100 percent green power in the manufacture at its facility in Dingolfing, Germany, with no use of rare earth metals or natural resources from deep-sea mining. 

Fast chargers will be installed at all touchpoints throughout the carmaker’s dealer network in 35 cities. iX has a 150 kW DC charger that can charge up to 80% of the battery in 31 minutes. It has a driving range of 425 km on full charge.

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For customers’ convenience, BMW India will include a home charging kit with each car. It will be an 11 kW AC charger capable of charging to 100% in around 7 hours and adding 100 kilometres of range in 2.5 hours.

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