Joy E-Bike Manufacturer, Ward Wizard Innovations & Mobility Reports Sales Growth


Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility, the manufacturer of Joy electric bikes has reported sales growth for April 2021 at 493 units. The company, which is listed on BSE under the electric vehicle category, was able to increase its number of dealerships. As many as 220 dealerships were onboarded in February 2021. 

Under its E-bike category, Gennext electric scooter made for 80 percent of total monthly sales at 392 of 493. Wolf electric motorcycles made for 15 percent of total sales at 76 of 493 units. 

Sheetal Bhalerao who is CEO, Wardwizard Group said that it was indeed heartening to see the overwhelming response to Joy E-bike and sales shoot up so high in three months since their OEM plant began to operate in Vadodara. With restraints on public transport and the heightened environmental consciousness of the millennial generation, e-bikes are the perfect solution for mobility.

Due to the current Covid situation, a lot of personnel have been using electric two wheelers for personal as well as delivery/logistics purposes. This is leading to the rise in sales.

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