COGOS Technologies To Employ 500 Women In Its EV Fleet In 2021

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India’s fastest growing logistics company, COGOS Technologies on the occasion of International Women’s Day announced its commitment to employ and train 500 women drivers in its EV fleet by December 2021. The company will provide training, support in order to build entrepreneurial skill-sets in women drivers under its full-stack platform. As part of the pilot, they have already successfully trained and hired 50 women under the aegis of this initiative. 

In the entire supply chain ecosystem, the role of women is deemed as small with them only being a part of desk jobs. COGOS, a first in the industry, will impart both functional skills (such as driving, vehicle maintenance) as well as soft skills training (such as communication while delivering, customer orientation) to female employees along with full ecosystem support. 

Commenting on this, Prasad Sreeram, Founder & CEO, COGOS Technologies said, “We understand the immense potential of women in the workspace and hence have taken it to ourselves to aid in their process of achieving their full potential. The growth of women in the sector can only be triggered by valuing diversity and promoting its scope, which shall in turn add innovation and new perceptions to the business.”

The company now has a presence in 21 states of India, with a network in 300+ cities and plans to focus on 100 Smart cities and 400+ cities across the country by 2021. They aim to target onboarding 100K truckers including women and a revenue growth of 3X YoY by the end of 2021. 

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