Blu Smart Shofr and Launch on 14th Jan 2019

Blu Smart has launched its Blu Smart Shofr - ride sharing platform on 14th Jan 2019 – with 70 Blu Smart Electric Cars. Blu Smart will add 400 Electric Cars by March 2019. Blu Smart's intelligent and innovative electric ride-sharing platform allows passengers headed in the same direction matched with a single Blu Smart Shofr electric car. Passengers can request rides through Blu Smart Shofr mobile app and web platform  and Blu Smart Shofr's sophisticated algorithm instantly finds a vehicle that best matches the passenger's route, allowing for quick and efficient shared trips without detours. Blu Smart will use the world's best technology platform that has powered millions of smart - connected - shared rides globally.

Sustainability Impact
The new mobility paradigm is shared, connected and electric. Adopting an all electric mobility approach will reduce India's energy demand by 64% and carbon emissions by 37%. The use of shared charging infrastructure and shared electric mobility will reduce India's dependence on oil imports and will result in savings of $60bln annually by 2030, as highlighted in the recent report by NITI Aayog, India and Rocky Mountain Institute, U.S.

Founders and Funding
Blu Smart was cofounded by Anmol Singh Jaggi, Dr Uma Kant, Punit K Goyal, Kiran Patil and Puneet Singh Jaggi in Oct 2018. The team brings on board stellar experience in accelerating the adoption of sustainable energy in India in the last 10 years and are now committed to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transportation. Blu Smart has raised initial funding of $15mln from Gensol Group which has developed, built, designed and engineered 16GW+ of solar projects globally. Blu Smart will raise $100mln+ in 2019 to scale the smart mobility platform and the smart charging platform. Gensol has a team of 900+ engineers and hasoperations across 13 countries globally.

Blu Smart Charging
Blu Smart Charge will build 60+ Blu Smart Charge Stations in Delhi NCR by June 2019. Our public smart fast charging network will expand to 500+ by Dec 2019 and 2500+ in 2020. Customers can pre-book the charging time slots and pay seamlessly through the Blu Smart Charge mobile app and web platform. Blu Smart Charge stations will accelerate the adoption of smart electric mobility in India. Blu Smart Charge Stations will charge electric cars in mere minutes with its charging range of 15KW to 50KW. Blu Smart Charge will raise $100mln in 2019 and aims to add 10,000 Blu Smart Charge Stations by 2025. Blu Smart Charge's technology will comply with Bureau of Indian Standards (Bharat Charge), Combined Charging System (CCS) and Charge de Move (CHAdeMO)

Blu Smart – Technology
Blu Smart's intelligent ride sharing platform - Blu Smart Shofr will operate in Delhi NCR with 400 Blu Smart cars by March 2019. Blu Smart Shofr will offer a very high user experience to customers with its seamless technology offerings - On-Demand, Scheduled, Real Time Tracking, NO Surge Pricing, Short wait time, NO Cancellation/ NO denial of service from Blu Smart, Hassle Free Online payment, Automated rider matching and demand balancing, Dynamic Pricing with smart algorithms (more the pooling lesser the price for each customer).

Our Key Members

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