Innovation, customer experience, safety and design - these are the themes that will be the driving force behind e-mobility in the future. In time for this year's Geneva International Motor Show, IONITY has revealed the design concept for its Pan-European High-Power Charging Network.


As if it were floating, the light box sits like a roof over the slender vertical pylon, giving the charging station the appearance of a beacon, an effect, which is particularly striking at night. In keeping with the character of EMobility, the station's architecture conveys an open, light and warm sense of space. Crisp, simple structures and surfaces, smart interfaces and a mixture of robust lightweight materials merge together into a seamless ‘charging experience’. In keeping with the IONITY logo, the colours represent the flow of energy during the charging process as depicted by the charge status.

IONITY COO Dr. Marcus Groll: "Our charging station design concept is a clear signal to our shareholders, partners and customers alike that this is the shape of things to come."


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