The cumulative annual growth rate of market share of electric vehicles is expected to touch 15% to 20% by 2020. Apart from PHEV, BEV and HEV vehicles, hybrid and eco drive vehicles are also contributing to this growth. However, the drivers of this amazing growth trend are dependent upon quite a number of factors. Electric load, and power of electric system impact the performance and acceptance of electric vehicles to greater extent. Thus, high voltage and high powered electric vehicles are making their entry to locomotive market each year. The performance with respect to energy efficiency, power to weight ratio, temperature performance, and overall lifecycle of these vehicles are dependent on battery management system and circuit protection of these locomotives to a considerable extent.

Electric and hybrid vehicles operating through the use of high voltage batteries require specific attention in monitoring and protection. Overcharging and discharging of current reduces the efficiency and lifespan of batteries. On the other hand excessive current flow causes shorts and dendritic plating which in turn destroys the cell linings. Undervoltage of batteries is another important problem that causes breakdown or shorts in electrode materials. Excessive increase in temperature may result in a series of events that may start at short-circuit and end at outgassing of flammable gases present in organic solvent. Effective battery management system and proper circuit protection reduces majority of these risks by preventing dangerous battery failures.

Fuses are prominent components of electric vehicles that are used in various parts of the vehicles. Fuse provides overcurrent protection to an electrical circuit and is an irreplaceable part of Electric vehicle design. At Advanced Surge Tech Materials Ltd (ASTM) various high performance and reliable circuit protection, electrical and electronic products are designed and manufactured. ASTM produces various types of fuses such as Brick Fuse, Cartridge Fuses of high voltage series, DMI fuse, EV protection fuses, Low voltage fuses, Photovoltaic fuse and Surface mount fuses. Apart from these fuses, the company also produces fuse accessories and ESD suppressor.

National and international standards for automotive and electrical components provide necessary guidelines that are in place to minimize security related risks, guarantee safety and quality of any product. ASTM has a strong understanding of these standards whether it’s the IEC, UL or the JASO standards. ASTM complies with major global electrical safety bodies. ASTM has been awarded the ISO/TS 16949 which is one the major requirement for the EV fuses.

All the products are designed to comply with the relevant standards. Design and testing of EV fuses is different from other fuses. Hence, they have a dedicated inhouse facility for vibration test, high temperature life test, thermal shock, humidity and temperature cycling test apart from short circuit and other electrical parameter testing.

EV fuses are designed to protect sensitive equipments of electric and hybrid vehicles. The ceramic body of the fuses enables electric shock resistance whereas the sliver plated copper terminal helps in smooth conduction of electricity. Both AC and DC acting fuses are designed by the company with various level of voltage capability. Some of the series of EV protection fuses manufactured by the company are: EV1451 series 700Vdc 5-100A, EV1845 700VDC series 5A-150A, EV1868 700VDC series 50A-100A, BEV5-XX-CT 500VDC

200A-600A. These EV protection series can be used for light and heavy electric vehicles as per their design. The company also manufactures fuse accessories such as fuse accessory for Cartridge Fuse, MH1P fuse holder for HEV application, PVAH1U 10X38 PV fuse holder and MH3P fuse holder for HEV application.

ASTM constantly and consistently enhances its product range for its wide array of customers. From consumer electronics to electrical vehicles, commercial industrial power supply to telecom data and renewable energy, ASTM thrives to satisfy the market demand with utmost reliable products. The products developed at ASTM are designed with the basic fundamental of safety for people, property and the environment. The range of products offered by ASTM is comprehensive with respect to market demand and future expectations. The various electrical vehicle applications are designed up to the range of 1000v so as to cater to different segments of electrical vehicle manufacturers. The product range has been designed keeping the global scenario within perspective. Different companies have different requirements as the various national and international markets. The extensive and quality product range also signifies the manufacturing capability of the 

company. ASTM is proud to have substantial infrastructural capacity to serve bulk and customised requirements.

The wide ranging verticals of customer base are considered both opportunity and challenge at ASTM as the company expands its research and development division for each sector. Keeping the unique designs of each types of electric vehicles and the manufacturing companies in mind, the design team at ASTM develops unique fuses by working alongside customers. The design team of the company consists of highly experienced people from various field of engineering. They have a wide experience with some of the global fuse manufacturers before they embarked upon building ASTM. The environment inside the manufacturing base provides a team building atmosphere that not only binds the people working there but also the customers that become part of the team to develop customised products. For customisation of products, the company has a dedicated field application team that specifically cater to the customer requirements through all stages of product development. The comprehensive range of fuses offered by the company give protection to various components and segments of electric vehicles such as power distribution unit, motor control, battery pack, battery management system, and the onboard charging system. Both quality and range of the products manufactured at ASTM contribute toward its reputation among some of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers across the world. The vast experience gained from these global customers helps and motivates the people working in the company to work further diligently to provide better products and services to the global electric vehicle platform.

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