EV products today meet only the needs of niche consumer segments and miss the true vehicle to help specific applications like transport aggregator who wants 24X7 services.

ALTA’S competitive advantage is its highly specialized engineers, many are former F1 designers to design custom-made Powertrains equipped with transmission, motor, controller, battery pack, BMS, software, accessories, and to create innovative and highly performing solutions.

To be equipped for the faster adoption of EV, stakeholders need a strong understanding of technologies that favor TCO. We expect this shift to EVs to continue to gain momentum with our unique approaches to shift EV economics from purchase price to TCO that can help overcome cost barriers and improve operator’s profitability.

Major Japanese Light Commercial Truck Manufacturers Increasingly Adopted the patented power train consists of two brushless electric motors with liquid cooling, controller, battery pack, BMS and monitoring system.

With the newly developed electric power

train the Light Commercial vehicle has a

power of 80kW and a torque at the wheel in

first gear of 8.215Nm that allows the L35 to

overcome any obstacle it encounters on the

road even when fully loaded, and reach a

top speed of 90 km/h."


CarOur design has the ability of 4C ultra-fast charging, so that the mileage of an electric taxi can reach to 300 km. We provide 5 years comprehensive warranty for Powertrain and battery pack ensures operational efficiency and without replacement during vehicle lifespan.

Our Ultra-Fast Charging Full Electric Solution is the most commercially feasible way for City shuttle services.


BusUsing Ultra-Fast Charge battery technology allows the battery to be fully recharged in less than 10 minutes, and last over 20,000 full cycles, designed to last the ten years life of the vehicle. Electric buses and other vehicles that operate on fixed routes are able to run 15 to 50 kilometers between charges, carrying a small battery pack that covers this mileage.

Consumers are excited about EVs today, but concerned about driving range; high costs for battery packs make the cost of offering ICE-equivalent range prohibitive.


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