Adopting a new technology is always a big challenge but a revolution is awaiting for the Indian Automotive industry, going GREEN by bringing eco-friendly vehicles. Today we see most of the automaker introducing a concept vehicle and idea for electric vehicle but surprisingly no company is moving forward to create history. Why? What is stopping them from doing this? Even though Government has announced its going electric by 2030 but are they really ready for it. No! EV enthusiastic in India saysbringing eco-friendly automotive technologies to India in the absence of a clear policy framework is a challenge.

Electric vehicles are making big splashes in Indian market. According to a report, the electric vehicles (EV) market is expected to record double-digit growth rates with rise in sales volume annually in India till 2020.Huge Investment and demand for skilled work force in India has been witnessing interest in electric vehicles and other green mobility solutions.

Explore Exhibitions and Conference LLP is organizing is first edition of EV India Summit 2018 supported by NITI Aayog, Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) in association with Energy Efficient Services Limited (EESL), Society of Electric Vehicle Association (SMEV), and India Energy storage Alliance (IESA). Supports from Government, Institutions and in presence of the automotive industry the summit is going to deliberate the challenges in forming the most awaited EV policy and some major key issues like Infrastructure, charging station, battery swapping technology, high cost Lithium-ION battery and many more.,

Key Highlights of Event:

  • Learn from the international experts on significant milestone achieved and ROI component
  • Indulge in very high profile discussion with Government on Policy Initiatives.
  • Roadmap for EV and sustainable technology adaptions
  • Skillsets Empowerment
  • Research and development of new technologies in India
  • Learn from ISRO on development of Lithium-ION battery and its cost reduction

Some of our EV partners are Mahindra Electric as Gold Partner, Firefly, Tork Motors, Ampere, Magenta EV Solutions, Amptek Batteries, EV Teq, Future Lithium Technology, RPK Green Trading, Bry- Air, Pastiche, lords, Lucas TV as Exhibitors and Morris Garages as Networking Partners.

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